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About Pharma-Tech

Pharma-Tech is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2006 as a pharmaceutical company. Here at Pharma-Tech we inspire for good health and better quality of life by offering a wide range of carefully selected products that will help millions of people live their lives better and healthier. At Pharma-Tech we aim to touch people lives not just in Egypt but also in Middle East, Africa, and Europe. We will be involved in different therapeutic areas to help challenge the most feared diseases of our time like Osteoporosis, hyperprolactinemia, and hepatitis. At pharma-Tech we believe in the concept of “pain free hospitals” that’s why we will be offering different products in pain management.


• We believe our first responsibility is to people who suffer pain and poverty. As our slogan says “we do care” it actually reflects our beliefs in participation of solving our societies medical problems, especially the chronic ones. We dedicate our resources to provide high quality innovative medications at reasonable price and supplying HCP with precise scientific support.

• We also believe in the employees’ rights to work in a healthy and professional environment with promising career path, which will help us accomplish the mutual goals of both the organization and its employees.


To establish our company as one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in all of the therapeutic areas we exist.

Business alliances

Although owning a manufacturing facility was not a part of our short term objectives we had managed to partner with No. 1 local pharmaceutical company in Egypt (Pharco group) in which they own 6 manufacturing facilities and advanced research and development (R&D).

The partnership with Pharco group is a type of win-win business agreement, complementing the strength points of both parties.

Based on the agreement we will be utilizing their R&D facilities as well as the manufacturing network to guarantee the production of high quality products specially that the Pharco manufacturing site are GMP certified, registered an all the middle east countries and at least two of them approved in Europe, which will help in shortening the time needed to register and sell our products in Europe.

The agreement also includes profit sharing as well as utilizing our marketing experience in developing the global product portfolio of our both companies.

Core values

  1. Accountability: we make decisions based on our expertise and we take full responsibility for our actions.
  2. Empowerment: we empower our people to take the initiative and do what’s right.
  3. Integrity: we act with integrity, honesty, and fairness.
  4. Team work: we all work together as one team to achieve our common goals.
  5. Respect: we treat others the way we like to be treated with dignity, trust, and equality. We honor the rights of our partners, shareholders, customers, and above all the community.
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Contact Us

18, Al Lewaa Mahmoud Samy St., of Kaboul St., Makram Obeid, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: (+20) 2 670 10 89 / 95
Fax: (+20) 2 670 10 89 / 95

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